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English, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese


What to Expect

Your initial visit will consist of a thorough evaluation by your licensed and experienced physical therapist. A treatment plan will then be developed using a combination of your personal goals and our expertise to assure the highest level of recovery possible. 

This customized program will include use of hand on treatment such as mobilizing joints and working with soft tissue, as well as the use of specialized equipment for tissue healing and pain relief. A therapueutic expertise program, which is an integral part of the muscle re-education, will also be specially designed to address your individual needs. 

As a commitment to you and your continuing care, our goal is that you'll be seen by your original evaluating therapist, unless special circumstances arise. 

Our mission

At MJ Physical Therapy Inc. our mission is to enhance quality of life through comprehensive physical therapy with a focus on manual treatment and movement re-education to allow an optimal environment for improved health.

we can help with:

Neck pain

Back pain

Postural Dysfunction

Shoulder Rehab

Knee Rehab

Ankle Rehab

Foot Rehab

Arthritis Management

Chronic Pain Management

Work related injuries

Auto injuries

Sports Injuries

Post surgical Rehab

Overuse Injuries

Musculoskeletal Imbalance

Fitness and Performance enhancement

Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic